The OICCI maintains a comprehensive member directory, offering relevant information to the public, and additional information to OICCI members. In addition to this, the OICCI has a library of research material and published documents on various industries and government policies. It routinely conducts surveys to understand the current marketplace, offering our members valuable resources. Some of these documents are available to the public, but the richest data requires OICCI membership in order to access it.

For new or prospective members, services offered at the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI) Certification Department include:

Visa Recommendation Letters are issued to member companies for their employees and executives proceeding on business trips to different countries. Trusted Partner Agreements signed between the UKTI, US Consulate General in Karachi and OICCI, provides members with reduced visa processing time.

Attestation of commercial documents such as invoices, packing lists and bills of lading among others.

Issuance of Certificate of Origin for exporters.


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The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI) serves as the national point of reference for foreign investors in Pakistan. Established in 1860 as the Karachi Chamber of Commerce, it is the oldest of the existing chambers.