Mr. Jukka Hahlantera, Head of Middle East, Commercial Counsellor, Finland, visits the OICCI

Mr. Jukka Hahlantera, Head of Middle East, Commercial Counsellor, Finland, visited the Chamber on May 14, 2018, for a courtesy call and to learn about the Chamber’s perspective of the country’s business climate. He was accompanied by Ms Sadia Khan, Honorary Consul General of Finland in Karachi.

After a brief introduction about the OICCI profile and activities of the Chamber, OICCI CE/Secretary General, M. Abdul Aleem shared with the visitors, results of the OICCI sponsored Business Confidence Index survey, wave 15, released in November 2017, which shows that the business community confidence has gone up by a good margin as compared to the last survey, a couple of points from the OICCI members Perception and Investment Survey 2017, Net FDI in Pakistan vs OICCI members capital investment in the last five years, snapshot of OICCI listed members success story reflected in the very good CAGR during the period 2009-16 and the key OICCI recommendations to the government for a more conducive Business environment.

Mr. Jukka Hahlantera informed that Finnish investors are quite cognizant of the business potential in Pakistan and the main business of his office includes promoting direct contacts between the business community of Finland and Pakistan, promotion of Finnish goods for export, SMEs, tourism, etc. He informed there has been an increase in enquiries from business people in Finland about the opportunities in Pakistan.

Both teams agreed to continue close coordination, with OICCI assuring full support for visits by Finnish investors and to present a case for investment in Pakistan, supported by actual success stories and experience of foreign investors who are already working in Pakistan.

Mr. Jukka Hahlantera mentioned that he agrees with the OICCI view that Pakistan needs to work on improving the country’s perception in the international media and

thanked the OICCI for the balanced information provided.

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