Economic Like Minded Luncheon Meeting in Islamabad

A luncheon meeting of OICCI with Islamabad based Economic and Trade heads of ‘like-minded embassies’, comprising EU member countries, USA, Japan, Australia and Canada, , was held at the Dutch Ambassador’s residence in Islamabad on December 6, 2017.

The purpose of the get-together, which has become an annual feature for the last few years, was mainly to brief the participants of the OICCI perspective on the economic and investment environment in Pakistan, opportunities available for FDI into the country, as well as key issues facing OICCI members so that the views are well balanced.

Besides Winnie van der Wal, First Secretary/Economic Affairs, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who organized the event, participants included Anthony Renzulli (US), Takashi Harada (Japan), Patricia Seex (UK), Nicole Guihot (Australia), Jane Alkhouri (Canada), Stuart Tibbs (UK), Kalle Holzfuß (Germany), and Roberto Puddo (Italy).

The OICCI team, led by Secretary General, M. Abdul Aleem,  included Kamal Ahmed (Telenor), Fatima Akhtar (Nestle) and Moin Mohajir (OICCI).

After the introductory comments, M. Abdul Aleem shared with the participants, results of the OICCI sponsored Business Confidence Index survey, wave 15, and the key messages from the survey which shows that the business community confidence has gone up by a good margin as compared to the last survey, a couple of points from the OICCI members Perception and Investment Survey 2017, which will shortly be released, members security related survey done in June 2017, snapshot of OICCI listed members very good CAGR of profitability during the period 2009-16, an overview of the OICCI perspective of the country’s economy and opportunities for foreign investors in Pakistan, as well as the challenges and reasons for the low FDI inflow in recent years.

This was followed by a Q&A session, which also included reservations of the participants about the very little information available in respect of the CPEC project, limited opportunities for foreign smaller companies wishing to invest in Pakistan, queries about matters related to PKR exchange rate, predictability of policies, IPR etc.

Kamal Ahmed and Fatima Akhtar also shared some points related to opportunities for investors in Pakistan as well as some challenges being faced by companies in their respective business sectors.

The meeting was very proactive and appreciated by all participants as it gave an opportunity for everyone to learn about views on the business climate of the country from the business community perspective as well as the economic counsellors of the ‘like-minded’ embassies in Pakistan.

M. Abdul Aleem thanked Winnie van der Wal for her efforts in organizing the meeting.

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