Chairman IPOP, Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed Khan visits the OICCI

Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed Khan, Chairman IPO-P and his team visited OICCI for an interactive session with the OICCI IPR Subcommittee. Partners and team members of Ali & Associates, legal firm specializing in IPR matters, also joined for the meeting. The Chairman IPO-P was welcomed by Ms. Shazia Syed OICCI VP and the Chairperson of OICCI IPR Subcommittee and Mr. M. Abdul Aleem, CE/SG.

SG started the session with a brief profile of the OICCI, including a brief overview of the results of business related researches conducted by the chamber. The key points for discussion during the meeting included; convening of the meeting of the IPO-P Policy Board which is overdue, the need for revision of Copyright Ordinance, 1962, Patents Ordinance, 2000 and Trade Marks Ordinance, 2001, the need to tighten the enforcement measure by IPO-P and increase the capacity and quality of staff at IPO-P and the IP Tribunals.

Mr. Mujeeb emphasized that his main focus is on improving the design and enforcement of IP laws in the country and promised to conduct meetings of the IPO-P Policy Board in a timely manner, where policy matters related to the IPR regime in Pakistan will be discussed with all stakeholders. Chairman pointed out that establishing an internationally competitive IPR regime was critical to the betterment of the economy of Pakistan. He also expressed his commitment towards resolving the IPR issues being faced by the foreign investors operating in the country in order to attract more FDI into the country and reduce the cost of doing business for foreign as well as local business. In addition to improving the enforcement measures of IP laws, he mentioned that he was focusing on strengthening the institution of IPO-P by getting better qualified and trained staff.

Participants took the opportunity to clarify their company-specific IP issues and informed the Chairman that their organizations incurred hefty revenue losses due to counterfeiting of their products. It was also suggested to allow publication of copyright online instead of the, currently, mandatory publication in a newspaper for registration purpose. Other suggestions were to increase the fines for IPR infringement in order to deter the offence and to leverage existing government bodies to combat IPR infringement.

The meeting ended on a positive note, with the Chairman and his team being made aware of the IPR issues being faced by the foreign investors and the participants being ensured that their issues and recommendations shall be incorporated in the agenda of IPO-P.

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