Ben Mander, Director Corporate Security/Crisis Management/EHS Services BASF Asia Pacific visits the OICCI

Ben Mander, Director Corporate Security/Crisis Management/EHS Services BASF Asia Pacific, accompanied Faisal Akhtar, CEO BASF Pakistan visited the OICCI on November 8, 2017 to get the Chambers perspective on the security and business environment in Pakistan.

After a brief introduction about the OICCI profile and activities of the Chamber, Mr Mander was given an overview of demography, economy and political scenario of Pakistan, result of the OICCI sponsored Business Confidence Index survey, wave 14, released in May 2017, some key information from the OICCI members Perception and Investment Survey 2015, before giving a more detailed presentation of the Members Security related survey done in June 2017 – which shows further increase of members positive perception of the country’s security environment, He emphasized that those foreigners who come to the country have noted that the environment for business in Pakistan is a lot better than the general perception they get abroad and that there is now increased travel to Pakistan by Regional and Corporate executives of member companies and others. He also shared a slide of the UK-Pakistan bilateral trade numbers.

Faisal Akhtar added his own comments to a number of matters included in the OICCI slides, based on his experience of working in Pakistan, in senior positions for many years.

Ben Mander thanked the OICCI for the information provided and mentioned that he is also of the opinion that the security situation in Pakistan is a lot better than what is propagated by the international media, which does seem to be exaggerated.

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