Managing Committee 2018

Mr. Bruno Olierhoek

Managing Director
Nestlé Pakistan Limited

Ms. Shazia Syed

Vice President
Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer
Unilever Pakistan Limited

Mr. M. Abdul Aleem

Secretary General

Members of the Managing Committee 2018

Mr. Ghiasuddin Khan

Chief Executive Officer
Engro Corporation Limited

Mr. Helmut von Struve

Managing Director
Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Limited

Mr. Irfan Wahab Khan

Chief Executive Officer
Telenor Pakistan (Private) Limited

Mr. Jawwad Ahmed Cheema

Managing Director
Shell Pakistan Limited

Mr. Kimihide Ando

Chief Executive Officer
Mitsubishi Corporation

Mr. Sarim Sheikh

President/ Chief Executive Officer
General Electric International Operations Company Inc.

Mr. Shazad G. Dada

Chief Executive Officer
Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited

Mr. Tayyab Tareen

Chief Executive Officer
K - Electric Limited
Schedule of Managing Committee Meetings 2018Minutes of MC Meeting-February 21, 2017Minutes of MC Meeting-April 4, 2017Minutes of MC Meeting-May 16, 2017
Minutes of MC Meeting-July 13, 2017Minutes of MC Meeting-August 24, 2017Minutes of MC Meeting-October 10, 2017Schedule of MC Meetings 2017
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