US Consulate General team visits the OICCI

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Economic & Political Counselor, Mr John Robinson and Ms Beney J. Lee, Economic Officer, both newly appointed, accompanied by Mr Fahd Zaidi Economic Specialist of the US Consulate General, Karachi visited the OICCI on July 14, 2017, to learn about the OICCI and the Chamber’s view on the current business environment in the country

The visitors were welcomed by OICCI Secretary General M. Abdul Aleem.

After a brief introduction about the OICCI profile and activities of the Chamber, M. Abdul Aleem shared an overview of the result of the OICCI sponsored Business Confidence Index survey, wave 14, released to the media on May 11, 2017, including reasons for decline in business confidence in the last two surveys, some key information from the OICCI members Perception and Investment Survey 2015, OICCI Members Security related survey done in June 2017 – which shows further increase of members positive perception of the country’s security environment, snapshot of OICCI listed members success story reflected in the very good CAGR during the period 2009-16, CSR initiatives of members which benefit of 20 million people, an overview of the OICCI perspective of the country’s economy, the upbeat mood due to CPEC related opportunities, opportunities for foreign investors in Pakistan but also pointed out a few challenges and reasons for the low FDI inflow in recent years. M. Abdul Aleem also mentioned that the environment for business in Pakistan is a lot better than the general perception, and this is observed by all those foreigners who come to the country and there is now increased travel to Pakistan by Regional and Corporate executives of member companies and others. He informed the visitors that OICCI also requested the US Ambassador, during his visit in May 2017, for support in presenting a balanced view of the business environment and opportunities in Pakistan, including on matters related to travel advisory and a re-look on investment opportunities in Pakistan- in line with the benchmark set by CPEC and to leverage Pakistan’s strategic location and demographics

Messers John Robinson and Beney J. Lee informed that US is keen to enhance the trade and investment relations between the two countries and in this respect some key Pakistan business persons were recently invited to a trade meeting/seminar in USA. They informed that another investment conference is planned later this year in Islamabad also – M. Abdul Aleem candidly opined that such conferences should be held in Karachi, which is the base of main business community.

In his concluding remarks, John Robinson thanked the OICCI for the informative presentation and both teams agreed that coordination between the US Diplomatic mission and OICCI to promote Pakistan and US Trade, business and Investment should continue.

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