Mr Shakeel Ahmed Mangnejo, Secretary Home Department Sindh visits the OICCI

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Sindh Home Secretary Mr Shakeel Ahmed Mangnejo visited OICCI on January 30, 2017 and was welcomed by the OICCI CE/Secretary General. M. Abdul Aleem. The distinguished guest was given an overview of the profile and various activities of the chamber, including the results of the security survey of member companies carried out in June 2016.  SG also emphasized that foreign investors still consider the security, law and order as a major challenge despite the significant improvement sice 2013 in the security environment which has also been highlighted in the results of the security survey.

Mr Mangnejo informed the audience about the various initiatives taken by the provincial government and the changed ground reality after the implementation of National Action Plan (NAP), with all forms of crimes, including terrorist activities, recording a significant reduction. He acknowledged that change in perceptions takes some time. He further informed that the provincial government is now fully focused on curbing street crime. He also shared that 20,000 personnel have been recently hired, fully on merit, to improve the security situation in the province. It was also highlighted that the Sindh Government spends twice the amount spent by the Punjab Government in terms of security per capita.

The Honourable Secretary said the government is committed to provide enabling environment for business to flourish. He opined top authorities of the provincial government are trying their best to further improve the security situation of the province so that the province is able to attract the foreign direct investment.

The Home Secretary agreed to the OICCI request to appoint an officer of the rank of SP as focal person for addressing the issues of OICCI members related to security.

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