Muhammad Zubair, the Governor Sindh, visits the OICCI on August 16, 2017

Governor Sindh, Mr. Muhammad Zubair visited the OICCI for an interactive session with members on August 16, 2017. He was received by M. Abdul Aleem, CE/Secretary General (SG) and Mr. Khalid Mansoor, President of the OICCI. The key objective of the session was to present the salient issues being faced by the foreign investors in Pakistan and to identify the possible remedies to resolve the issues and also to encourage OICCI members to undertake critical CSR initiatives for Sindh/ Pakistan.

The session started off with a brief  OICCI presentation  highlighting the opportunities of investment in Pakistan besides CPEC which is not being fully availed due to various factors. OICCI members highlighted the key impediments to growth and  issues of the foreign investors in Pakistan, including on the need to improve governance and ownership of investors issues by one particular authority /ministry so as to accelerate FDI in Pakistan. OICCI highlighted that the negative perception of the country  overshadows the achievements of the Government and investment opportunities in Pakistan. The improvement in security environment and huge investment being regularly made by OICCI members were also highlighted. OICCI also emphasised on the need to have predictable, transparent  and consistent   longer term policies , especially in respect of taxation. The government authorities especially in the provinces need to address the issues like Pakistan’s poor rating on Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Index. OICCI members positive contribution in promoting FDI in Pakistan and their CSR initiatives were also highlighted. OICCI President also made a brief presentation on “ Waste to Water” CSR initiative which need to be seriously considered by authorities for meeting the current water crisis in the city of Karachi.

The Governor Sindh Mr Mohammad Zubair highly appreciated the contribution of OICCI members in the growth of the country and provided a candid feedback on various issues raised in the meeting. He also asked for a consolidated position paper on OICCI members key concerns to be presented to him so that these are forwarded for action to relevant authorities in the government both at the federal and provincial level. The meeting ended with an interactive question and answer session with the Governor which was highly appreciated by the members present.

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