Director General, Rangers Sindh, Major General Muhammad Saeed visits the OICCI

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Director General, Rangers Sindh, Major General Muhammad Saeed, visited the Chamber on May 18, 2017 for an exclusive session with members to share with members the Rangers perspective of the current security, law and order situation in Sindh, especially Karachi, including an on actions being taken by the Rangers, along with other law enforcement agencies to further improve the security environment.

The DG Rangers was received Ghiasuddin Khan, OICCI MC Member and Chairperson, Security, Law and Order Subcommittee, and Secretary General, M. Abdul Aleem, besides a large number of members.

Ghiasuddin Khan thanked the DG for his visit to the Chamber and taking time out to hear the concerns of the business community. M. Abdul Aleem briefed the DG on OICCI’s role in the economic uplift of the country as well as on the activities conducted at the Chamber. He informed, that as per OICCI surveys, security, law and order and energy shortage, are perceived as major impediments to the country’s growth potential. Abdul Aleem appreciated the efforts of the Rangers in significantly improving the security situation in Sindh, especially in Karachi. He requested the DG to assign a focal person, as done in the recent past, to participate in the Chamber’s security subcommittee meetings for maintaining strong contacts for quick sharing of security related information involving OICCI members and also suggested increased patrolling by Rangers convoys on major business centers at peak hours.

Major General Muhammad Saeed shared his prognosis of the present security, law and order situation in Karachi in the historical context, tracing its origins to the period immediately after the Sovereign state of Pakistan was formed in 1947. He said the root cause was the unbridled influx of people from all parts of India, as well as the country’s northern areas, without a structured plan for their settlement in an orderly and organized manner, leading to people, divided on ethnic and lingual basis running after same resources and claiming the ownership of Karachi. The information shared by the DG was of great interest and appreciated by the participants.

In reply to the questions raised by OICCI members regarding current security incidents and law and order situation of Karachi, DG said after the Karachi operation was started terrorism related crimes have reduced significantly and the situation is much better and under control. He said Rangers continue to provide full support to the authorities to control the security environment to ensure a safe environment. As regards street crime issue, highlighted by a number of members, the DG said street crime is not under the Rangers mandate, and controlling it is the responsibility of the Police. He said in order to address Business community security, law and order related issues, a dedicated Rangers helpline is available 24 hours, through which business people can get assistance. He said organizations should also invest in security at least 2 to 3 percent of their total budget, to have better security arrangements and avoid unwanted security incidents. He opined that 80% of street crimes are committed by drug addicts, and to address this problem the government should initiate programs and develop Drug Rehabilitation Centers. He said ‘the Rangers remain committed to the security of the business community and will continue to maintain the current operation” as they cannot afford to lower their guard which could once again lead to breakdown of security, law and order.

In his concluding remarks, he opined that Peace, Prosperity and Harmony are very important. He said Peace is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies and the Rangers are taking all necessary actions in this respect, Prosperity is the responsibility of the business community while Harmony is the responsibility of the government and political parties. DG Rangers said that all stakeholders should interact closely with each other and civil society should influence police and other administrative authorities to carry out their job. He further suggested that all communities should be brought closer to take the ownership of the city of Karachi, and for this purpose socio-political revamping is required and the “Elite class”, like members of the Chamber can play bigger role in creating social respect and harmony.

The meeting ended with a note of thanks to the Director General Rangers Sindh.

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