Interactive Session with Ms. Vadiyya Khalil, Chairperson, Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) and other senior team of CCP.

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Team of Competition Commission of Pakistan

1.  Ms. Vadiyya Khalil, Chairperson, CCP

2. Mr. Ikram Ul Haque Qureshi, Member CCP – (Cartels & Trade Abuses Competition Policy & Research, IS & T)

3. Mr. Ahmed Qadir, Director General (Advocacy & International Affairs)

4. Mr. Noman Laiq, Director (Office of Fair Trade) and Secretary to the Commission

5. Mr. Arshad Javed, Deputy Director (Legal)

6. Ms. Sophia Khan, Deputy Director (Legal)

Ms. Vadiyya Khalil, Chairperson, Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) and other senior team of CCP, visited the Chamber on May 23, 2017, for an exclusive workshops for OICCI members on “the Guidance on Competition Compliance,” which was a CCP initiative launched in December 2016.

Secretary General, Mr. M. Abdul Aleem welcomed the team of CCP and shared few highlights of the recently launched Business Confidence Survey, OICCI members’ CSR contributions and OICCI perspective of the country’s economic overview.

The Chairperson Ms Khalil in her introductory remarks emphasized the objective of the workshop was to create awareness amongst the major stakeholders and promote compliance culture in the country. She also mentioned the strong relationship of OICCI and CCP and that this was the sixth visit of CCP to the OICCI. Furthermore the current workshop is the first one in the latest CCP initiative to create awareness about the Competition Law amongst various stakeholders. She opined that the Competition law offers protection and powers to the businesses to compete in a healthy and transparent business environment.

Mr. Ahmed Qadir,  Mr. Noman Laiq, Mr. Arshad Javed and Sophia Khan presented different aspects of the law, giving a detailed Overview of the Competition Regime in Pakistan. The subjects covered included Competition Policy, deceptive marketing practices, Office of fair trade,  increase private section capacity for competition compliance, details of the competition compliance program, its purpose and components, abuse of dominant position, prohibited agreements, approval of mergers, deceptive marketing practices, enforcement actions & procedures and compliance checklist, etc.

The OICCI members found the presentation very informative and effective, and also raised a number of queries, seeking clarifications relating to the competition law, which included:

  • The process and factors to identify highly compliant business entities and reward them for encouragement.
  • Restoration of Competition Council Forum, which was very informative
  • The issue of filing unrealistic or illogical complaints by various persons
  • Databanks, uses of data and E-commerce related compliance matter

In conclusion the CCP team assured that the government was trying its best to provide level playing field for all businesses operating in the country, especially the overseas investors and offered full support to OICCI members for safeguarding their interest.

The meeting, which was attended by senior executives, of member companies and ended with a vote of thanks to Ms. Vadiyya Khalil.

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