The guidelines listed below can also be downloaded as a PDF file here (53KB).

Election Guidelines – Approved by the OICCI Managing Committee

  • While electing a candidate, members evaluate both the company and an individual representing the company, therefore, if a candidate changes his/her company during the election period, his candidature will stand cancelled and members will be notified.
  • Canvassing or soliciting of votes by writing letters / emails / making telephone calls or organizing large lunches and dinners during the Election Period are practices which are against the long standing traditions of this prestigious chamber and hence are strictly discouraged. Election Period is defined as the time frame immediately after the election rules and requests of nominations have been announced and the closure of the ballot box. The Chamber reserves the right to cancel the candidature if evidence of canvassing or vote solicitation is found against any candidate during the Election Period.
  • The OICCI Secretariat will circulate through email the following information pertaining to all candidates to the entire membership:
    1. Name of the candidate, Years of Experience
    2. Name of the Company
    3. Nature of Company’s operations & history (max.2 lines)

Election Rules (already exist) in OICCI Memorandum and Articles of Association

The President will hold office for: 1 Year. The retiring Vice President shall succeed to the office of the President. The Vice President and the eight members of the Committee shall be elected by ballot from amongst all the members of the Chamber before the Annual General Meeting of the Chamber in accordance with the following procedure :

  1. Not less than one month before the Annual General Meeting the ordinary members shall be requested in writing to submit to the Secretary General in writing the names of their representatives, if any, who are eligible and willing to serve as Vice President or a Member of the Committee for the ensuing year;   Provided that the name of any such person may be withdrawn at any time  before the issue of ballot paper.Provided further than no Ordinary member shall be eligible to stand for election for more than one position.Provided further that no member can hold the office of President or Vice President for more than one year.Provided further that no member of the Managing Committee including the President and Vice President will be eligible to serve on the Managing Committee for more than THREE years in succession.Provided further that the Vice President if elected in the third year of his membership on the Managing Committee shall have one extra year to serve on the Committee i.e. as President.Provided further that no person who has been on the Committee for less than one year shall be eligible to contest for the post of Vice President.Provided further that should the Vice President resign during his term of office, there shall be an election by ballot amongst all Members within 30 days for the position of the Vice President.
  2. The ballot for the above two positions will be opened and closed at the same time and on the date fixed by the Committee not later than the date of the Annual General Meeting.
  3. Previous to the date fixed for the opening of the ballots the Secretary General shall send to each ordinary Member the list of names of the candidates, who are eligible and willing to stand for election as Vice President and the eight other Members of the Committee respectively, and shall state the date on which the ballot will be opened and closed. No accidental error or omission in such list and no accidental omission to send such list to any Ordinary Member shall in any way invalidate the result of the ballot.
  4. Signed voting papers shall be sent to the Secretary General, and will be received up to the end of the published office hours of the Chamber on the date fixed for the closing of the ballot boxes, which shall be opened by two scrutineers appointed by the Committee who will communicate the result of the ballot in writing to the Secretary General.
  5. In the event of an equality of votes preventing the due election of any candidate, members shall vote a fresh by ballot in respect of the candidates who have received equal number of votes.
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